read this !
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okay , hey ! :*
how you doing ?
hope everythings okay .

for this entry , i want to tell you about BROKEN ENGLISH !!
waa~ really really broken haa .

so . i want to share with you all the example of BROKEN ENGLISH .
good read :D

Tipah menulis surat putus cinta kepada Teman lelakinya orang Mat Salleh dari England:

Hi, my motive write this letter to let you know something. I want to cut connection us. I saw you play wood three in front of my eyes. You really croccodile land.You know you oredi break my liver. I cry untill no eyes water. I oredi think cook-cook. I don't want banana fruit two time. Safe work,Tipah.
you all have read the letter ?
haha , so pity to Tipah right ?
i hope she go to english tuisyen . haa~

okay , i have no idea to story what more .
i hope you enjoy and laugh when you read this entry .
for who do not laugh . your life is short .
so , let's we laugh together .
okay , one more !
one more again !

okay last .

haa~ i sure your life is long .
Insyaallah , AMIN :]

bubye . see you again .

please do not try this at public . ty :D

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