why ?
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why do people envy him ?
why do people like to pouncing on his mistakes ?
why do people always make bad stories about him ?

right ?

haiihh ,

he's gay ?
he has a girlfriend ---> of course that is me -__-

he's unsuccessful ?
he has 55 songs , 4 albums , 9 music videos , 40 million fans.

he can't sing ?
Usher and Justin Timberlake fought over him.

he's ugly ?
millions of girls think he is the hottest guy in the world and he is on posters everywhere.

he's weak ?
he broke his ankle on stage and continued singing.

he's heartless ?
listen to Pray.

he's short ?
well good things come in small packages . just like me :D

dah lah , udoh-2 lah kutok JB ,
tau lar jealous , yeye , aku paham perasaan kau . :D
dah~ pegi dok dalam bilik air nangis sampai keluar air mate darah .
sebab kau tu tak handsome macam Justin Bieber .

sekian , terime kasih :)

to my beloved cikgu ; i love 'kepale hotak cow!' ty cikgu :'D
fyi ; button tu aku buat sendiri . cantek kan ? ouh , terine kasih banyak-2 [[:

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