if I get it , i will ,,,
Thursday, May 26 @ 11:28:00 AM | 2 Comment [s]

heyhey ,

first of all , i really want this bag , cool right ? let's imagine if i wear it to school . wahhh~ everybody will know that i'm TRUE BELIEBER :D

second , untuk pengetahuan korang , aku adalah seorang yang malas nak bawak botol air . asyik mintak kat Fara je . haha . so , if i get this purple bottle i will bring it everywhere i go even when i'm fasting . haha :>>

third , i'll wear this watches even though it's not matching with my chothes :')

and lastly , i'll hug this cute little bear all the time . and will care it like my own baby . haha :DD

haa~but so pity that i don't have a lot of money to buy all the things :'(

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Assalammualaikum and Hello. Just call me Kyna. First cry on 5Sept. 19 years old. This is my life. And i love it. Diploma in science :)

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