awkward moments :S
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#tyiping the lyrics into GOOGLE to find the name of the song
#writing what you really want to say then deleting it before anybody sees it
#singing with your headphones on and not realized how loud you are
#saving a photo as DFGHJKLCFVBN because you're too lazy to write a proper title
#appearing offline to avoid annoying people
#when you take a good new picture , you automatically think , thats my new DP
#being bored in the car and waving to random people,and people actually wave back
#when at the public , you realize you didn't zip your pants
#listening to a new song over and over and never getting sick of it
#when you trip and fall , then walk way , hoping no one saw you
#when you realize that you texted the wrong person

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Assalammualaikum and Hello. Just call me Kyna. First cry on 5Sept. 19 years old. This is my life. And i love it. Diploma in science :)

be a better muslim ✿
happy family ت
lose weight ➘
I phongg ✆
BFF ☺☻
prince charming ♥♡
fly all over the world ✈✈✈